Hsinmex PC fire-retardant film

  • Introduction
    Hsinmex PC(polycarbonate) flame retardant film products is a higher level of demand and suit for notebook and other high-tech electronics industry.
  • Characteristic
    Full range of products are used in non-halogen flame retardant formulations.

    Excellent thermal stability can withstand repeated heating and drying process, suitable for precision size products.
    Low moisture absorption, high temperature resistance and excellent dielectric strength.
    Good printability without pre-treatment or special ink.
    Fire performance UL94-V0.
    Wear resistant and anti-reflection of light of various embossing prevent scratches and reduce static processing problems.
    Lightweight (specific gravity 1.2g/cm 3 -ASTMD-792).


Specification Sheet
Name Thickness Width Length Packing Weight Fire Rating Proportion Color
PC-175A 0.125mm 914mm 485M Roll 60KG/Roll VTM-O 1.2 Black
PC-175A 0.178mm 914mm 440M Roll 80KG/Roll VTM-O 1.2 Black
PC-175A 0.254mm 914mm 375M Roll 100KG/Roll VTM-O 1.2 Black
PC-175 0.375mm 914mm 255M Roll 100KG/Roll V-O 1.2 Black
PC-175 0.432mm 914mm 220M Roll 100KG/Roll V-O 1.2 Black
PC-175 0.508mm 914mm 185M Roll 100KG/Roll V-O 1.2 Black
PC-175 0.762mm 914mm 1.2M Pack 1.0KG/Page V-O 1.2 Black
PC-175 1.000mm 914mm 1.2M Pack 1.3KG/Page V-O 1.2 Black