Single Fly’s Eye Sheet

Single Fly’s Eye Sheet gratings are side by numerous semicircle beads neatly arranged composition, special optical materials for flat side plate surface. Available through each bead, which is numerous convex magnifying glass, consisting of a vertical and horizontal 360∘ no dead ends with the magical three-dimensional three-dimensional painting. Grating produced a perspective view of the ball is round 360∘ three-dimensional, no visual dead. Beads are lower than the linear grating raster printing requirements at the time, even without deliberately aligned. However, the design is more suitable for some simple patterns. Such as round, star, heart-shaped and so on. If used in the design of complex composition, the proposed design to the main image on the plan layer, using a simple three-dimensional background pattern to set off the main image layering.


Single Fly’s Eye Sheet-Project Folder

Single Fly’s Eye Sheet-Fan