Yimex PP fire-retardant film

  • Introduction
    Yimex is a series of insulated flame retardant PP (polycarbonate) film products, this product has excellent thermal insulation, insulation and easy processing characteristics, better environmental protection in line with the current certification tests, as well as its excellent product characteristics in line with economic price of the market, becoming the third insulating film to be the best choice for micro machining shape.
  • Characteristic
    Excellent anti-bending properties

    Excellent electrical insulating properties (60kv/mm@0.432mm)
    Excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance
    UL94-V0 fire resistance
    Lightweight (specific gravity1.0 g/cm 3 -ASTMD-792)
    Compatible with the paste mixture of special Characteristic


Specification Sheet
Name Thickness Width Length Packing Weight Fire Rating Proportion Color
PP-17 0.254mm 610mm 540M Roll 80KG/Roll V-O 1.0 Black
PP-17 0.432mm 610mm 305M Roll 80KG/Roll V-O 1.0 Black
PP-17 0.762mm 610mm 1.2M Pack 0.55KG/Page V-O 1.0 Black
PP-17 1.000mm 610mm 1.2M Pack 0.71KG/Page V-O 1.0 Black
PP-18 0.254mm 610mm 570M Roll 85KG/Roll VTM-O 1.0 Black
PP-18 0.450mm 610mm 320M Roll 85KG/Roll V-O 1.0 Black